Please accept my belated thanks for your work at the MSC in this case. Given the history of offers and demands, I was very skeptical that a settlement could be reached. Your work as our pro tem was the only thing that made the settlement possible. Thanks again.


—Dave Worthington

Recently I arbitrated a case that was hotly contested on causation issues.  Ron Arendt was the appointed arbitrator and both sides accepted his award–unusual in the world of judicial arbitration.  It settled because Mr. Arendt spent the time and effort to present a well thought out and written award.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Ron in any sort of Alternative Dispute Resolution–binding or non-binding.  William Owen –Timmons, Owen Jansen and Tichy


—Bill Owen

“I had a recent Judicial Arbitration last week with Ron that was converted into a mediation.  Ron at all times conducted himself very professionally.  He was kind and considerate to my client.  He identified the issues well, and delivered his own opinion in a very thoughtful and respectful fashion.  I would not hesitate to use Ron for a future arbitration or mediation.” 

—Steven Davids

“He’s good at what he does – he’s well respected by both the defense and plaintiffs bar. Say you were in a car accident and the insurance company didn’t want to pay money for some reason. If the insurance company agrees to have him act as the neutral, you know he’s fair.”

“He has this nice, folksy manner about him. I think [that] keeps people talking, and he follows back their logic to get to the root of the problem, and then sort of unwinds it for them.”

—Chris K

“He spent an enormous amount of time working with the plaintiff. He had to spend a lot of time to get the plaintiffs to understand.”

—Barbara H C

“The morning session was devoted to presentation of evidence, later, during the mediation portion, Arendt used that as a basis for a comment about the strength or weakness of a particular point or factual position, helping to ground the proceedings.”

—Bruce K

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